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Murr Printing was established in 1970 when the typewriter was still used to produce type, and a hand headliner for bold type on flyer and brochure layouts. We were one of the first printers to purchase IBM personal computers and Mac computers to speed up production.

Brothers Joe and Bob Murr moved to a larger building in 1980 and in 1989 Bob, with wife Linda, purchased Murr Printing in Beaufort, SC from Brother Paul, and moved his family to Beaufort.

Joe Murr continues to operate as Murr Printing in Wooster Ohio with a group of 15 associates.

Bob and Linda operate with a very hands on approach, and enjoy running the print shop in Beaufort SC together with their team of 7 associates.

The printing industry has really changed over the years. Bob & Linda continue to strive for perfection in both Graphics and Printing. Making Murr Printing Beaufort the best in Beaufort.

Murr Printing Beaufort's friendly staff is always here to answer your questions. Contact is today!

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