Art Setup, File Formats
& Resoution Information

Image Resolution: We request that all artwork be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at final size. Anything less can result in an unclear or pixilated image. To determine your dpi in PhotoShop:

         • Select Image >Image Size and note the Resolution under the “Document Size” portion of the   
            window. Be sure the dimension selected is “Pixels/Inch”. 


Raster File (Pixel-Based Files): Set your dpi prior to working on your document. If you create a clipping path, save your file as an .eps. Otherwise, save your file as a maximum quality jpeg. 


Vector-Based Files: If placing vector-based files in a page layout tool (such as InDesign), try to keep your vector artwork at a 1-1 ratio to avoid “stop sign” effects on round words or shapes. 


Printing from PDF files: We accept and can print directly from .pdf files. Please be sure that your .pdf file is created at your final print size, not as an 8.5x11 document. 

Size & Scaling: All files should be at 1”=1” scale (final printed size).

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Bleed File Set Up.png

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