Printing Terms

Murr Printing’s DBS division, prints on matte, high gloss, canvas and vinyl. Our Digital prints are UV coated and mounted on a variety of substrates including, Coroplast, PVC Plastic, Max Metal, Polystyrene, Magnetic, Gator Board, Foam Core, Sintra, Aluminum, and more.


We design and produces both indoor and outdoor banners and signs for displays, retail stores, or your next event. We now have a HPZ3200 that prints full color banners and posters up to 42” wide by any length. 


Our digital printed banners come in full-color and black and white. But it is a known fact, full color printing demands attention and sells more goods and services. Many of our printed jobs are used in store windows, so we use permanent UV stable inks with special UV laminates, gloss or dull to help prevent colors from fading.


Posters and large signs can be mounted on sturdy substrates up to 36” wide. Contact Murr Printing today for complete details. Murr’s Digital DBS Department specializes in fast turn-a-round. 



Image Resolution: We request that all artwork be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at final size. Anything less can result in an unclear or pixilated image. To determine your dpi in PhotoShop:

         • Select Image >Image Size and note the Resolution under the “Document Size” portion of the   
            window. Be sure the dimension selected is “Pixels/Inch”. 


Raster File (Pixel-Based Files): Set your dpi prior to working on your document. If you create a clipping path, save your file as an .eps. Otherwise, save your file as a maximum quality jpeg. 


Vector-Based Files: If placing vector-based files in a page layout tool (such as InDesign), try to keep your vector artwork at a 1-1 ratio to avoid “stop sign” effects on round words or shapes. 


Printing from PDF files: We accept and can print directly from .pdf files. Please be sure that your .pdf file is created at your final print size, not as an 8.5x11 document. 

Size & Scaling: All files should be at 1”=1” scale (final printed size).